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These tips are really for day hikes in the mountains of the Western Cape, but applies to most hikes as well.
You should carry extra clothing and rain gear, no matter how "good" the weather might be. Inclement weather sets in very quickly indeed.

  • Sufficient water for the whole hike.
  • Water purification tablets should you need to replenish from streams.
  • Hat, with a wide brim.
  • Sunscreen.
  • A backpack of about 25 Litre capacity.
  • First aid kit.
  • Sturdy, lightweight boots for beginners, or more heavy duty leather ones if you plan to hike more regularly. The boots must provide ankle support and be comfortable, preventing blisters forming. The soles must be non-slip. Always wear wool socks, never nylon as nylon could lead to chaffing and blisters. If you prefer 2 pairs of socks, first put on cotton ones, then wool.
  • If you enjoy hikes and would like to do it often, join a hiking club. They know the safe routes and it is always best to hike in a group.