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Hike from the Lower Cable Station, up to the contour path, following this to Devil's Peak.

This route is uphill till you get to the contour path, then level up to Devil's Peak. You can then turn back on the same route, or walk down to the road and back to your car. A very scenic route with waterfalls after the rain.

Ann at waterfall


Here (left) Ann is standing at the first waterfall on the route. The water cascades down about 6 rock faces, with the highest one beneath us. The path is clearly defined and fairly level. You cross the Platteklip Gorge path halfway on your route. Once past that, you reach a spectacular waterfall (right) and after rains you will get a bit wet from the spray. Here are huge boulders that have broken loose from the cliffs above. Past that, your route takes you in a cleft of the rock face (bottom left and middle).

This is a good place for a rest to have a bite to eat and to enjoy the spectacular views of Cape Town and Lion's Head (bottom right).