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Hike to the Amphitheatre via Echo Valley.


In the forest on the way up

Kalk Bay is situated on the western side of False Bay in the Western Cape.
This hike starts from Boye's drive above Kalk Bay Harbour. Parking is somewhat limited, so get there early. You start up some stone steps, then along a level stretch. As you turn up the incline, you cross a small stream a couple of times over wooden bridges. This part is log and stone steps. At the first clearing - called Weary Willy's - there is a large stone to sit on and take a breather!
The path splits here, one way straight up the mountain and the other to the right. Take the one straight up the mountain. You will return via the other path. After some time, you come to a couple of large rocks on your right. These are named Hungy Harry, ideally located for a rest and a snack. The path continues up Echo Valley, as well as off to the left. The left hand trail goes via Cave Peak, but your route is up the valley. You pass through a yellow wood forest and at the top of this valley the path splits left and right. The left one is the path from Cave Peak.
Take the right hand one, steeply up the side of ridge peak and to the Amphitheatre in about 5 minutes. This is you lunch stop and is also the halfway point of your hike. On the far right are a clump of trees and they hide the entrance to Robin Hood Cave. Do not attemt to explore this cave without a experienced guide. Next to the trees is a huge rock, giving some shelter from the sun till about noon and is the ideal place for a rest. Standing at this rock and looking towards the far side of the Amphitheatre, you will spot your route up to the ridge.
This path forks just short of the ridge. Take the right hand one till on top of the ridge and then turn towards False Bay. You will see Simon's Town on your right. This path will eventually lead you to a cliff where you climb down a short way. Where this path splits, take the right hand one, into Spes Bona Valley. As you descend into the valley, you will walk through a old Yellowwood and Milkwood forest. Keep to the right side on the valley, as some paths lead off to left, but should be ignored. After emerging from this forest, you will see a gravel jeep track. When you reach this track, turn right and follow it. This track will eventually lead you to Weary Willy's and then back to where you started.
After your hike, it is well worth your time to visit Kalk Bay fishing harbour. The local fishing boats return daily with their catch. This is gutted, cleaned and sold on the quay.